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Ivo Sedlacek graduated from the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague as a student of the renowned Czech violinist Vaclav Snitil. After graduation in 1991 he set out for India, where he studied Indian classical music for five years. He received personal guidance from a number of great Hindustani violinists. Ivo studied further with renowned vocalist and musicologist Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, and legendary flute master, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He received training in South Indian classical music from Prof.T.N.Krishnan and R.Swaminathan.


Mystical violin 2

Digipack + booklet 12 pages limited to 500 ex.

The long awaited new album.

In 2004 we asked the talented Czech violinist Ivo Sedlacek to gather his best songs on a CD entitled 'Mystical Violin 1' for healing, massage, relaxation, reiki, etc. ... This was one of the biggest hits of the label! The music carry us in a true inner journey.

Eight years later, Ivo Sedlacek is back with an original creation ‘Mystical violin 2’. He perfected his musical art of violin, his art of recording and sound massage. ‘Mystical violin 2 ‘is an extension of ‘MV1’ and leads us even further. Ivo's violin seems alive, so sensitive accompanied by percussion, voice, guitar, flute, koto. From the depths of the Earth to Heaven, he  opens the doors of the Unnamable, where the music and replace the word knowledge. Masterpiece of beauty!

Tracklist : 1. Bhairav I. 2. Vayu 3. Akasha 4. Sleeping Beauty 5. Maya 6. Lux Aeternam
7. Bhairav II. 8. Dream Dance

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The Garden of silence CD

Ref : Relaxation music, deep meditation.
(63') 5 tracks - Only 500 copies.
September 2007

Here is a new beautiful album of the virtuoso violonist Ivo Sedlacek. This time the musician built his album around tones of a rare instrument : The Monochord. It's a kind of table with a resonance box with 20 strings, it looks like the japanese 'Koto'.
This 'Garden of Silence' is so peaceful. Pure and so acurate sounds seems to be purified as crystal. This album is ideal for meditation, relaxation and harmonize with yourself.
Music will lead your imagination to foggy japanese valleys, near a peaceful temple hidden in a forest. A Chef d'oeuvre.

Tracks : 1 Zen - 2 River - 3 temple - 4 Lake- 5 Sun

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Garden par Ivo sedlacek :
"The big “concert monochord” heard throughout the album has two playable sides: one side represents a real “monochord” with 20 strings tuned to the same tone; the other side, which in some ways resembles the Japanese “koto”, has 19 strings with big moveable bridges.
Thanks to its unique construction, with specific shapes, ratios and selections of wood, this instrument produces beautifully rich timbres and overtones.
In “Temple” you will hear the rich and healing vibrations of another instrument of the monochord family – the “resonation monochord” – which, due to its special construction, can be placed directly onto the body of a person lying on the ground, filling his or her body with a powerful spectrum of vibrations.
Since the monochord is one of few instruments capable of creating an atmosphere of meditation with just a few notes, the tone poems I’ve created for this album are not “compositions” in the strictest sense, but are spontaneous flows of musical meditation.
You can listen to this music with full concentration or you can simply let it flow in the background, filling your space with peace and harmony."

Mystical violin Digipack

Ref : Relaxation music, mystic violin.
April 2004 -
(63') 6 titles - Limited to 500 copies.

Prikosnovenie is the home of the violin (Cherche-Lune, Orange Blossom, XVII° VIE, Ashram, Caprice etc...). Of course, we have been amazed by this master of violin.We have decided with Ivo to select the very best of his violin compositions from last 6 years: this gives Mystical violin.
Subtle melodic streams of violin, viola and bamboo flute are blent with crystal clear harmonies of tuned glass, didjeridoo and zither.
Healing waves of sound gently bathe the heart and soul, allowing an opening into meditation and filling with inner joy and peace. This is a real delight for lovers of soft acoustic music. Sounds will guide you to a state of healing rest and deep relaxation. Ideal for bedtime and grown ups too. Allow yourself to slip into a world of enchanted dreams.

1. Hermit 11:39 2. Dance of Autumn Lights 16:38 3. Flowing as a River 4:01 4. Shakti 5. Colour of the Leaves 14:00 6. The Path and Prayer 16:03

MP3 : Shakti

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Ivo Sedlacek, who are you?
Well, if I REALLY knew this, I would be most happy :-)

How did you discover the violin?

I didn’t so much discover the violin, rather, the violin came to me on its own. My parents sent me to a music school when I was about seven. I immediately became very obsessed with the violin, and with music in general. I used to play enthusiastically for hours. I remember I always wanted to be able to play the most difficult things.

How did you learn the violin?
First, at the children‘s music school in our small town. Later, after a break in my training, I studied violin at the Academy of Music in Prague. After that, I spent 5 years in India studying Indian classical music. I had the great fortune to study with several premiere Indian violinists – N.Rajam, Sangeeta Shankar, Kala Ramnath, D.K.Datar, T.N.Krishnan and R. Swaminathan. Also during this time, a deep musical treasury was begun for me through my long-term association with Hariprasad Chaurasia and Dinkar Kaikini.
During these years in India, in addition to my formal training, I was able to travel a great deal and had the opportunity to systematically learn some of the deeper aspects of yoga, mantras and spiritual disciplines from several great Indian spiritual masters.
In India, I was also teaching Western classical music and violin (at Bombay School of Music and American International School), and performed many violin recitals with foremost Indian pianists.
Apart from violin, I also play different kinds of flutes, guitar and other instruments.

How do you find your inspiration? How do you create your songs with your musical partners?

I hardly create anything fixed. Music just flows and is never the same …Your music turns us into our inner sensibility with a wide range of
emotion. It's like you open a door into ourselves.

For me, your music is relaxing but also healing. Can you explain your work with yoga, mantra, music therapy?
During my classical studies, I became more and more drawn to music which has no boundaries, which is not dependent on any particular style and which just flows freely from heart to heart. This kind of music touches some very subtle levels in listeners. I have always felt that something very deep and powerful is happening in those moments when you just fully open yourself to some higher unknown inspiration and simply let the music flow …
This kind of experience can not only happen during regular concerts (we have performed many with this mood, all over Europe) but can also occur during special, even more powerful occasions when you are not confined by a common, formal concert setting.
When such music is connected with some intensive techniques of inner harmonisation and self-exploration, everything becomes very very deep and touching..
Together with a friend, Geza Timcak (a yoga teacher from Slovakia), we have created our own original system called „Savita Yoga“, where certain yoga and transpersonal techniques merge harmoniously with live music and mantras. During the last twenty years (approximately) we have conducted a great number of Savita Yoga workshops and seminars in Europe, India and Taiwan.
Additionally, for two years, I had an opportunity to conduct music therapy with mentally handicapped children. I still often conduct workshops on „Healing Power of Music“ and „Mantra Chanting“.
But, of course, my main passion and direction is performing and recording music. Thankfully, even in a recording you can project that special inspiring energy.

We don't know much things about your country. What can you tell us about Republic Czech and your town?
As you may know, Czech Republic is located in the very heart of Europe. Its capital city of Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is very long and famous music tradition here, which has brought the world composers such as Smetana, Dvorak, Janacek , Martinu and many others. The classical music hall of fame owes a lot to Prague! The Czech Republic is also well known for its beer, ice hockey, etc. but these hallmarks are not exactly the things closest to my heart.
I presently live in a small village at the foot of our highest mountain range, the Krkonose.

What is the situation is your country (politic, economic, cultural, spiritual, human!!!)?
Although it is 15 years after the communist nonsense was finally removed from our land, we as a nation and people are still working towards even better tomorrows.
There has been always a deep thirst in many people in the Czech Republic to explore and experience the deeper spiritual levels of life. As a result, you can find many branches of various spiritual disciplines practiced here.

Which other artists do you like in your country?
Whether in this country or anywhere else, I always like musicians playing with full heart and a full surrender to the higher spirit. Shallow equilibristics or dry academic attitudes have never really impressed me (not to mention some rather empty and aggressive music styles). For me, a performance should always have a „soul“: something which leaves you sitting speechless and immersed …something which remains inside you even long after the performance is over.
Specifically though, since you asked, I would like to mention three Czech musicians whom I really enjoy and admire: the guitar magician Stepan Rak, musical “mystic“ Pavel Klikar, who makes incredibly uplifting performances and recordings of early baroque music and Jaroslav Krcek, composer, conducter and founder of the ensemble Musica Bohemica.

Did you ever come in France? How do you imagine France?
I have been to France several times. The first time was about 15 years ago, when I played in a cathedral in Strassbourg with an early music enemble. Some time ago we also played several concerts in Nice with Yamuna – a trio with Japanese singer Sujata Kimiko, myself and Canadian guitar player Shepherd.
About two years ago we were invited for a yoga conference in Annecy, where we played concerts and conducted several Savita Yoga workshops.
I really love France and look forward to traveling there again soon …

What are your plans?
After several CDs with vocals (3 CDs of Mantras and 2 Yamuna CDs) I am once again entering the realm of pure and unlimited instrumental music. Currently, I am finishing a CD called „Reflections“. Together with a brilliant drum player Tomas Reindl, we are working on to create a very dynamic album full of drums and vibrating energies, which step by step slowly rise from earthly, watery, fiery etc. up to celestial levels.
I am looking forward to the summer, as this year I want to record lot of music in inspiring acoustic spaces like churches, castles etc. I forgot to mention my very passionate hobby: over the course of time I have managed to set my own very high end studio recording facility and I truly love to be involved in the never ending process of music recording alchemy.
There are also some tours in the future – this year we are invited to Italy, UK and Switzerland to play concerts and to conduct Savita Yoga seminars
And I am, as always, open to the possibility of meeting new inspiring musicians, since a musical dialogue at a deeper level is always a very uplifting experience.