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The golden thread

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The Golden thread


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Style : Oriental World, eastern music
References : Irfan, Estampie, Azam Ali, Vas.

Orient mysteries and musical virtuosos.

This is a long long time we are waiting for Stellamara's third album!
Stellamara is wellknown for it's two first Dead Can Dance's like album. This album is travelling more towards the oriental countries. The three musicians deliver their art with an uncommon skill. Gari Hegedus, multi-intrumentist man, is influenced by celtic music. Rufus Cappadocia is a master of cello, his album "Songs for cello" is a best seller in Europe while Sonja Drakulich very original singing is inspired by bulgarian and greek music. The music is the subtle alchemy between these three souls. Let you catch and hypnotized by the incredible rythms, intricated melodies...
This album is a jewel for all fans of great music like Irfan, Estampie, Azam Ali, Vas.

9 tracks : 1. Prelude 2. Aman Doktor  3. Miskolc 4.Yemen Türküsü 5. Azade 6.Prituri se Planinata 7. Odam Kireç 8. Lado  9. Element

Miskoltc :

Prituri Se Planinata :

Lado :



Star of the sea

stellamara star of the sea


Beautiful album in the mood of Passion of Peter gabriel.

Style : oriental world, Eastern europe music
References : Irfan, Passion de P. Gabriel, Dead Can Dance

We simply never tire of the hauntingly elegant Star ot the Sea by Stellamara. Sonja Drakulich's rich, siren-like vocals are paired with stately, reverential beats, and an exceptionally rare mood is established as a result—one both seductive and solemn. This album draws on the most arcane and ancient melodies from 13th and 15th century Galacia, Croatia, and Persia, and makes them relevant and engaging. "Zephyrus" is an incredible track, as is "Immrama"—an almost incomprehensibly subtle medieval Irish song concerning a hero's sea journey to the Otherworld. "Stellamara cut directly to the devotional essence of music." Highly recommended for Irfan's fans

9 tracks :

01-Maris (5:16)
02-Kereshme (8:09)
03-Zephyrus (4:35)
04-Taqsim (1:46)
05-Del Mar Rojo (5:07)
06-Immrama (6:54)
07-Leda (2:17)
08-Karuna (9:09)
09-Oj Jabuko (5:51)



Oj Jabuko

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