Onze h30 - 2007
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Clémence Bloch: Singing, Bass Synthetizer
Jean-gat Pasquier: Trumpet, Bass Synthetizer
Nathan Bloch: Guitar, Programation, Toy Piano
Florent Sepchat: Accordion
Matmat Erard: Drum Kit

Prik111 - Digipack
Ref : Ez3kiel, Bashung, Camille, Sonic Youth, Radiohead, The Black Heart Procession, Nine Inch Nails, ...
Style : French female voice with original electro-rock ...
11 Tracks

'Onze H30' means 11:30 A.M.
At 11:30, time stops and music starts.
This French combo is like a twisted clock's mechanic with a poetic and sweet female voice, Clémence.
She is accompanied by 4 crazy dandies escaped from ‘A clockwork Orange' mixing energetic rock, electro with lullabies reminding Yann Tiersen with ethereal trumpet...
Their music is either violent or sweet, modern or nostalgic, charming or nervous.
Original, genius, crazy, poetic or electric Onze h30 will surprise you anyway.
It’s already11:35 and still so much to say...

11 TRACKS: Parjure - Outrageante - Le Paillasse - L'enfant maquillé - Bancal - Optimisme - Onze h30 - Mal aux rictus - Chanteurs à texte - Yahourt - Tourne

MP3 : Parjure

MP3 : Outrageante

MP3 : Le Paillasse

MP3 : Optimisme

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2007 : Onze h30 (prikosnovenie)