Lullabies & legends from Brocéliande

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Lullabies and legends from Brocéliande

Style : Lullabies, Celtic music, relaxation

Here comes the new volume of Prikosnovenie’s Lullabies’s book-cds. OUr first book in English ! It gathers the energy of many musicians, story-tellers, illustrators and sound designers working hand in hand.

Celtic Magic today !

We ask our musicians (Louisa John-Krol, Crista Galli, Alizbar, Faun, l'effet défée...) to compose original songs drawing from the Mythical Forest & Sabine Adelaide’s artworks. The CD tells a musical story inspired from Celtic music but it’s not another traditional Celtic sampler. We invent the music of a new Broceliande during the Celtic seasons based on phases of the Sun, Moon & Nature.

A marvellous picking for each sense

We've created this book to share the beauty, to spread the magic in our everyday life. Open the door to another world and escape in imaginary lands.

Faery and Ecology : We commit ourselves to transmitting our respect for Nature through music, poetry and imagination. Then, Mother Nature embodies invisible imaginary creatures.

New creatures of Broceliande

Sabine Adelaide imagined new creatures of a nowadays Broceliande (Doe dragon, Horse-women...). This new bestiary meets the legendary icons of the Forest (Merlin, Viviane, The lady of the lake).

A door opens for the young and grown-ups.

Our collection of Lullabies book is attractive for all ages : the sweetness of music to relax, the colorful artworks and poetry to travel in imaginary lands. This book-cd is also ideal for people interested in tales, Nature and inner quest.




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The book :

Tracklist :

Book 36 pages - 24x17 cm - 14 tales
Release : Nov. 2010
Editions Prikosnovenie - Prik144
Illustrations : Sabine Adélaide
Texts :

Morgane Lafey

Cyril Roy - Régis Aubert


CD audio 15 tracks

65 min - prik144 - Nov 2010.
Label & Distr.: Prikosnovenie
7 original creations

1• BOANN The January man
2• RIJA Garden of Love

3. SORA The juniper

4• MYRDHIN Marzhin en e gavell
5• SARAH SHAYNA La ronde de Viviane (singer of Crista Galli)
6• ARIEL ROSE Verticordia
7• DANDELION WINE Prelude to sleep
8• LOUISA JOHN-KROL The Seagiant
9• ALIZBAR & ANN’SANNAT The butterfly
10• RESEDA TILSIM & Antrabata : She moves through the fair

11• MOOD & NAISS Oleya (singer of L'effet défée )
12• SARAH SHAYNA Le silence de la forêt (singer of Crista Galli)
13• JILLIAN LADAGE The Black woods
14• ALARC’H Le miroir aux fées

15• FAUN Andro



Vidéo book-cd 'Lullabies & legends of Brocéliande'



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