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luigi rubino

A theme for the moon

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Artwork by Gennaro Maddaloni

Style :Piano, neoclassical, film music.
Ref : Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen, Eric satie, Ashram...
April 2009 - 12 Tracks - 40’00

This is the first splendid album of Ashram’s pianist solo. Crystal notes of piano, nostalgia of violin, grace of Cello brings one into a very intense feeling of emotion, moving & intimist. Like an original soundtrack, the music draws the most peaceful & celestial timeless landscapes one can imagine. Luigi Rubino started playing and studying piano and liturgical organ when he was 10, with both Italian and foreign teachers. Piano player with the band Ashram, he collaborated with bands such as Argine, Corde Oblique, Trees... Today he dedicates himself to original composition and loves 20th century classical music (Debussy, Poulenc, Bach, Pergolesi, Rachmaninov, Chopin, Wagner but also Satie, Keith Jarrett, Arvo Part or Morricone).

1- Last dance
2- Nostalgie
3- Fragments
4- Les larmes d'automne
5- Voice in the eyes
6- Every desire

7- Melancholic Lisbon
8- Before love
9- Glace of dust
10- Behind the clouds
11- D'Inverno
12- He is her



Melancholic Lisbon

Before love

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