The trilogy :

Siyanie - 2005

Magic - 2004

Prikosnovenie - 2002


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New! Lyrics of the 1st album in English


Ref : prik093

References: Cocteau Twins, All about Eve, Bel canto...
Juin 2005 - 13 Titres -

Finally, the new third album of Flëur's trilogy arrives. The 2 Ukrainian fairies, Olga and Elena, composed new fantastic melodies sometimes melancholic sometimes happier but above all full of liveliness. Siyanie is a much more rhythmed album than the 2 others, the drums are emphasised and give an impetuous mood to the music. It's like a merry-go- round made of lights turning faster.
The emotion and high sensitivity of Flëur comes from the 2 heavenly voices of Olga and Elena flying like butterflies above the beautiful orchestration of a cello, bells, a piano, a guitar and a flute.
Siyanie means glare of light in Russian, it's like a new ruby in the jewellery of this magic band.

Tracks:1 Intro 2 cocoon 3 to fix the eternity 4 the sky wants to fall down 5 shining 6 be my sense 7 You can't forbid it to me 8 Someone 9 friend that will never betray 10 strange dream music 11 over the waterfall 12 mistery 13 the bridge over Misty Bay


MP3 : Friend that would never betray

MP3 : Cocoon

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Review :
This Ukrainian band has not one but two angels. Olga and Elena exchange their singing perfectly during the different songs. The beautiful world music is composed with the use of piano, violin, guitar, drums, double bass, cello and flute. Striking is that Flëur become better in writing compact and catching songs. Light headed songs (like ‘Cocoon’ and ‘The Sky Wants To Fall Down’) are alternated with melancholic songs (like ‘To Fix The Eternity’ and ‘You Can’t Forbid It To Me’). In spite of the high quality of “Siyane” there are two songs that are even better than the rest. ‘Be My Sense’ and ‘Shining’ are sensitive and beautiful built up highlights. This CD is filled with the perfect mix between pop, world music and a little folk. The beautiful fairy voices of Olga and Elena are stowing the music into unknown heights. Thankfully enough both ladies decided to sing in their native tongue so that the mystique feeling of Flëur is contained. The French label Prikosnovénie has proven to have a nose for good music and with Flëur they have another diamond in their hands! 
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References: Cocteau Twins, All about Eve, Bel canto...
Groupe originaire d'Ukraine.
Avril 2004 - 13 Titres - 54'

This is FLEUR's the second album. Since the revelation of their first CD "Prikosnovenie", Fleur becomes slowly and
slowly one of the Prikosnovenie leading band. "Magic" is the continuity of their first CD with even better compositions and better sound.
Flëur is Olga Pulatova (piano and vocals) and Elena Voynarovskaya (guitar and vocals) supported by flute, cello, double-bass, electric-guitar and digeridoo. Hailing from Odessa in the Ukraine, Flëur is positioned somewhere between neofolk, neoclassical, and, russian ethereal pop. Thirteen emotional songs for 53 minutes will charm you in the depths of melancholy. Elena Vojnarovskaya's soft, insinuating voice alternates with Olga Pulatova's more "vital", beautiful vocal, under slow accompaniment of the piano, gentle roulades of flutes and accurate percussion. The result is an album full of contrasts, full of emotions.
The female group (from six participants only two men) gives us sensuality, feminity and springlike energy.
This album is essential in this violent world. With FLEUR you will find peace and joy of living. It's simply MAGIC!!!!

Tracks :1. Intro 2. The Emptiness 3.Almost Real 4.Formalin 5.The Ballad Of White Wings And Scarlet Petals 6.Repair 7.Medallion 8.I Will Do It 9.Never 10.The String 11. Russian Roulette 12.Legion 13.Horizon

MP3 : Almost real

MP3 : The string

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Ref : prik063
Style: pop and faeric music
References: 4 AD, Belcanto, All about Eve
October 2002 - 15 Tracks - 60'

This is the big revelation of the 'Odyssee' sampler. The ukrainian band Fleur arrives with a melancholic pop album. Two fairies share the sing: Elena the dreamer and Olga the passionate . The instrumentation blends piano, cello, bass, drums, acoustic guitar and flute for 13 charming songs. Fl‘ur comes from Odessa, a city from south Ukrainia, near the Black Sea. We discover through their music the slavish melancholy, a refined lyricism and the taste for beautiful melodies. Fleur are highly talented while they offer us a contrasted music, dark and luminous, joyfull and sad at. Oniric and energetic atmospheres emerge from this album leading us into a solar whirlwind. Fl‘ur's music is like a touch from the soul, as the title 'Prikosnovenie' means 'soft touch'. For the fans of Cocteau twins, 4AD, Bel Canto...

Lyrics of the 1st album in English

Tracks:Intro/ Blue Shades/On the dark side of the moon/ Injection/ Dancing God/ A sad clown/ Carrousel/ By the Soft Paws/ Lullaby for the sun/ The heart/ Golden waters of gang/ February/ Fade away.


MP3: Golden Water of Gang

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2003: Magic
2002 : Prikosnovénie



When and how did you set up Fleur?

Olga says: I met Lena in August 99, thanks to broadcast named 'Atmosphere' (Later her chief Dima became the Fleur's producer). I knew that Lena write poetry, which was liked to me very much, but I never heard her songs. And when at last in February 2000 I got acquainted with Lena's music and right away we started to play. At first we gathered at my home. Then Dima announced in his broadcast that a³newborn group urgently needs musicians. This is how we got Julia's (flute) appearance. Our first performance we have realized all three. In the end of summer Alexei (drums, percussion) join us. Then he organized our meeting with Vitaly (double bass), Sasha (cello) and Catherine (keyboards). The last our important acquisition was Nastya (violin). The keyboards and violin appeared already after recording of our first album 'Prikosnovenie'.

Fleur is led by 2 voices. Musically speaking you have reached a perfect equilibrium between two voices which make one! Is it spontaneous or do you need to make discipline to reach this balance?

You have noticed absolutely right: Fleur is two voices. But in first turn it's two authors, two worlds, two views, that sometimes intersect, sometimes shout to one another and sometimes even come to contrasting. However, and this is the main essence, characteristic peculiarity of Fleur, - TWO always complete each other to the WHOLE, forming indivisible ONE.
Besides things you've already heard, every author have a lot of material to be realized. The numb Generally, as for music, we try to avoid of narrow judgment, of one-point view.
So, neither spontaneity nor discipline: just a sensible decision. We solve this question not from positer of songs constantly increases. We choose the best of them for recording. And we'd want to give a life for as many good songs as it possible.
We don't try to define whose voice, whose songs are better. They are so different and everyone who listening can find something close for himself.
In our opinion, the displacement of equilibrium to any side can break harmony.
ion of force, but of love and completeness.
And it's very pleasant for us that you FEEL this unity, this harmony of two worlds merged to one.

What are your dreams? Maybe the best answer to this question is hiding within our music. And it's not necessary to understand the sense of words.

Love and dreams speak universal language which is intelligible for all of people.
Every one of us dreams about his own inmost things... Sacred love, perfect human relationships, world without evil, without war, hatred, injustice and treachery.
Perfect times, perfect places.
The more your dreams seem unattainable the more charming they are.
That²s where the cradle of Magic is.

How do you imagine France?

Elena says:Personally for me the name France is peculiar symbol. Symbol of highest style, graceful manners, elegant refinement, fresh breath of spring. Land of Dream, Love and romance.Perhaps, it's just stereotypes, but when I think of France, my imagination paints the warm violet twilight, squares with fountains, doves, little parks filled with lovers, trees in bloom, carrousel of many-coloured lights and sea of delightful dizzy fragrances.

What²s your aim through Fleur?

At first there wasn't any special aim. There was feelings, thoughts, ideas, personified in words and music. We only wanted to bring it to surface, show it to others. In course of time we understood that things we do is not simple, that our music touch some thin strings in other people's souls, influences on their lives, gives them comprehension: they are not alone in their pain, in their joy.Finally we've realized that music perform a certain mission and in some degree can change the world, filled it up with love, strength and faith.
That's why we set especially much by things that make people discern the lights in a distance in the end of dark gloomiest tunnels. The things that bring us the piercing feeling of LIGHT penetrating through the sorrow.

How do you find your inspiration?

It seems to me, that the most important resource of inspiration is always within your heart. It's your feelings, your sensations, your emotions, appearing as the result of world²s touching graœ.
Sometimes it happens so that ordinary little raindrop can make you smile and cry at the same time. people paint, write music and poems because THEY FEEL so many objects in so many forms.And that's why every thing can be so especially amazing.
Alas, in most there is so much pain in our music. But there is so much pain in our life too. And sometimes you can't find the force to resist, to struggle.Surely, pain doesn't inspire. The only thing that makes you create is HOPE. Hope for recovery. Hope for if you express your feelings in a full measure, then you would change something in the world, making somebody more sensitive and maybe the PAIN will decrease.