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Elvenmusic 2

Girdenwodan Part 2
Digipack + booklet 16 pages limited to 500 ex

caprice girden wodan
2014. Prik162.

Second part of the diptych,
Caprice is back to the sources of Magic and Fairy music.

A year after the first part, Caprice finishes the beautiful fairy tale.
For this second part, Caprice was particularly attached to the beauty of their sound and orchestrations in order to immerse us in a colorful world full of mysterious beauties.
The lyrics (in English) from Stevenson, Byron, Wilde... evokes playfulness, fantasy and overflowing imagination of fairies, and marvelous creatures. Inna, the emblematic lead singer guides us through this adventure.
With its Winds, harps and strings and an hypnotic piano, Caprice takes our hand and go with us to the other side of the mirror... in the Other World . Pieces of pure magic and musical quintessence, Girdenwodan part 2 is for me, with Elvenmusic 1, the most beautiful album ever done by Caprice . It evokes impulsive and living fairies as conceived the Russian spirit but also melancholic, enigmatic as shown on the beautiful " Froud Style " cover of Marc Potts.

14 tracks :
1 Believe
2 Dingly Dell
3 Again
4 Heart In The Highlands
5 In The Rose’s Cup
6 Faithless Sally Brown
7 Enter Sandman
8 Winter Wonderland
9 I Do Not Like That!
10 The True Knowledge
11 Plumpuppets
12 She Walks In Beauty
13 Books
14 We Are All Faeries

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Girdenwodan Part 1
Digipack + booklet 16 pages limited to 600 ex

caprice girden wodan

First part of a diptych, Caprice comes back to his Fairy source.

CAPRICE returns to his first love : the world of fairies (cf their trilogy Elvenmusic).
Girdenwodan is a dance form widely practised in the world of faerie, a world parallel to ours.The word Girdenwodan is only a term coined for the use of humans, while the real name of the dance shall remain secret.The “backbone” of this music is the harp, playing even patterns, and the short accented bass, indicating the rhythm and harmonies.
Faerie equivalents of flutes, oboes, clarinets, bassoons, violins and cellos are used as solo instruments. Because the time flows differently in the faerie world, we perceive the time signature of Girdenwodan as 5/4 or 7/4, although for faeries such time signature sounds even and regular.

Come and see the round dance of elves, pixies, goblins and mischievous fairies. This album marks a high point in the discography of Caprice.
The digipack and booklet are wonderfully illustrated by the British artist Marc Potts, it resonates as a powerful talisman.

12 tracks :
1 We might dance 2 Birks of Aberfeldy 3 Requiescat
4 One wish 5 Petals 6 Water Lilies 7 Sweet Tibbie Dunbar
8 Beautiful Prince 9 Because you asked me why I love you
10 Forbidden 11 Snow on 12 To a Friend

MP3 :

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Beautifully illustrated by Marc Potts
girden wodan girdenwodan

Digipack luxe 10 pages in cross shape - Only 600 ex !


caprice masquerade
Digipack luxe 10 pages cross shape limited to 600 ex.

Style: Neoclassical, Ethereal voices, Fairy pop.
References: For people who likes Fantasy, Fairies, elves, role games...

Dec 2010 - 16 Tracks

In their tenth studio album Caprice travel one century back in time, getting their inspiration from the Russian Silver age poetry. The classic Caprice acoustic palette is merged with bass, drums and a symphonic choir, making Masquerade the grandest work the band has ever recorded. Inna Brejestovskaya's vocal has more diversity and more emotion than ever.

"Blessed is the one who visited this world in its darkest moments."
Fedor Tyutchev, Russian 19th century visionary poet.

We live in the times when famine, poverty and tyrannical rule seem something of a distant past. We take liberty of expression for granted, and we don’t often remember that only several decades ago freedom was the most precious, and often unattainable commodity for an artist.
Masquerade is based on the poetry of six Russian poets who lived in the darkest period of the Russian history – the rule of Lenin and Stalin, who were responsible not only for destroying millions of people, but also for imposing the atmosphere of total fear in the country.
Part One is about the pure joy of creation. The poems differ in mood – some are avant-garde, some romantic, some rebellious – but they are all creations of free young artists feeling no limits.
In Part Two the poetry can no longer stay away from the reality. It gets darker, sadder and more twisted under the pressure of the totalitarian regime. All the five poets whose works are represented in Part Two died tragically and prematurely. Unmasked tells about this end. Listen! is about the hope of peace and relief after death. Fox and Cockerel is a picture of a poet being dragged to the execution. Demented and destroyed by fear and hunger he laughs madly in the face of the executioner.
Masquerade is based on the poetry and dedicated to:
Daniil Harms – died of starvation in prison, aged 36;
Velimir Khlebnikov – died of an illness, aged 35;
Marina Tsvetaeva – hanged herself, aged 48;
Nikolai Gumilev – executed, aged 35;
Anna Akhmatova – survived Stalin’s times, died aged 76;
Vladimir Mayakovsky – shot himself, aged 36.

16 tracks :
Part One :
Reality - Agnesa - Stones - Marina - To A Girl - Venice - Elizabeth Played With Fire
Forest Lullaby
Part Two
The Master's Shadow - What Have I Done To You - Hunger - God'sWrath Has Smitten OurWorld - Hottentot Cosmogony - Unmasked - Listen ! - Fox and Cockerel

Tracklist :


What have I done to you


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Six secret words
Style : Relaxation, film soundtrack, neoclassical

Vertical digipack 2009 limited to 500 copies only !

Prikosnovenie commissions the Russian neoclassical ensemble Caprice an album about relaxation and inner trip. The amazing composer Anton Brejestovski emerges himself deeply in the project and opened doors of hidden worlds of music. Harp, piano, chimes, cello and violins lead us deep inside ourselves. Every sound is built to make an echo in us, each musical landscape becomes a mirror. This album reminds of the beauty of Caprice 'Elvenmusic' trilogy like an imaginary movie's atmosphere. 
Six secret words : Craft: the power, Trees: the serenity of woods, Taeris: The magic Elvish harp, Womb: the matrix, Memory: the wisdom of old age and Sage : the wisdom of childhood. Welcome in the deep magical labyrinth of Caprice !

Tracklist :

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CAPRICE : Kywitt! Kywitt!  

Digipack limited to 1000 copies, 14€

Style: Neoclassical, Ethereal voices and 'Fairy music'
References: For people who likes Fantasy, Fairies, elves, role games...

February 2008 - 12 Tracks

Enter the crazy faerie universe of this virtuoso neoclassical band. Surrealistic, yet beautiful, 'never heard before' music blending orchestral and folk instruments with vintage analogue synthesizers.
3 years after their 'Elvenmusic III', the new ‘Caprice’ escapes from the forest.
Discover now the 'craziest and surrealistic' neoclassical masterpiece of these virtuosi musicians from Moscow Opera. Caprice music on the 'Elven trilogy' was about to translate sounds and music that Elves could create. Kywitt is different and gives a human view (sometimes hallucinations...) at the faerie world. The result is a ‘never heard before’ music, more surrealistic, more ‘Fantasy’ and also more intense. The Genius Composer 'Anton Brejestovski' seems to play with the score and instruments like he would play with toys. He adds a lot of new musicians and instruments, like drums, electric guitar, electro, vintage analogue synthesizers blended with classical and folk instruments (Cello, violin, Oboe, clarinet, accordion, duduk, saz...).
Discover Caprice surrealistic world, 'Poppy' songs of dwarves, orcs but also beautiful and intense Elven neoclassical melodies.

12 tracks: 1 Dundellion Wine, 2 Monday, Tuesday, 3 Kywitt! Kywitt! 4 Adew, Sweet Amarillis, 5 Mary Morison 6 Philomel, With Melody 7 Christmas Lullaby 8 Blacksmith 9 The Dusk of Kimmeria, 10 More, 11 Peggy O + bonus : fae fae fae fae fae fae fae

Kywitt! Kywitt!

Adew, Sweet Amarillis


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Anton Brejestovski's Influences for Kywitt!:
"Kywitt! Kywitt! began when in November 2006 I was reading the Grimm brothers tales translated by Zhukovsky. I saw this funny Kywitt! Kywitt! poem - and this is how the first song was born. Then in one of my books about elves,
faeries, magic arts etc., I read a story about a humpback hearing elves
singing "Monday Tuesday..." and then interrupting because they couldn't
finish the song. The humpback sang "... and Wednesday" and did it so well
that the grateful faeries removed his hump! This was the direction for the
whole album - FAERIE tales! So I carried on, and this is the reason why
nearly every second song has the word combination "Faerie Queen" in it! "


CD - Rerelease of their debut album..

Style: Neoclassical, heavenly music...
Avril 2006 -Re-release- 12 Titres - 61:18'

Mirror, the debut album by Caprice recorded in 1996 and now rereleased by prikosnovenie, is the group’s most intimate and most diverse work. Anton Brejestovski was 25 when he wrote this album, it's a younger album, more explosive or contemporary . "Mirror" is the beginning of what will become the "Elvenmusic" later but this album is wilder and spontaneous... the adolescence of CAPRICE.

The mood which dominates Mirror submerges us of a sadness and bitterness authentically slavic, but it is not a hopeless depression. Mirror will interest people who like CAPRICE scores, 12 musicians played on this album.

1. Open
2. Smoke Over City 3. Mirror 4. Interlude MP3 5. Forest 6. Anticipation of Nothing MP3 7. Pause 8. Werter's Second Hell 9. Waltz MP3 10. Last Morning 11. Deneb 12. Afterlife MP3

Interlude MP3

Waltz MP3

Afterlife MP3

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Review :
The debut album of a Moscow band called Caprice, "Mirror", was first released on MC only, on the expenses of the musicians themselves; only lately they made the CD version with one bonus track ("I Want to Wait"). Frankly speaking, the content of this album cannot be called "elvenmusic", though there are some fragments of it featuring small instrumentals like "Interlude" and "Waltz". The musical material of this CD is much more spooky and hopeless than the one of the next album, "Songs of Innocence and Experience", and only short and rare embeddings of airy instrumentals make it a little bit less depressive. In contrast to its descendant, whose lyrics belonged to the pen of William Blake, all lyrics and music of "Mirror" were written by Anton, and are in Russian. Right here I'd like to mention that the Russian language still doesn't suit the music of the kind, except some rare cases. And although the wonderful voice of Inna Brejestovskaya dramatically conveys all feeling and emotions to the listener, the Russian lyrics sounds clumsy and not to the point, although this could be excused to the debut album. In general, this is a very worthy album: spooky neoclassical arrangements, strong vocals, and evident mastery of the eight musicians promise good impressions, and even some shortcomings don't spoil the general atmosphere. Strongly recommended to all lovers of serious spooky music. Gothic.ru

Elvenmusic 3 The tales of the uninvited Digipack limited edition

Style: Neo-classical heavenly faeric
December 2005 -Prik098 -
12 Tracks

Caprice is a Russian neoclassical band with a beautiful female voice. Their new album is the third and last CD of their trilogy of 'Elvenmusic' inspired by J.R.R Tolkien poetries. 'Tales of the Uninvited' is 12 tracks, which are music of faeries, not humans. This is why the lyrics are not in English, nor in any other human language - but in Laoris, the language of faeries. Only 'Faeries Stole Bridget' is in English, because this song reflects the World of Faerie from the human point of view.

Tracks : 1. Enter Laoris 2. Minstrels of old 3. Yesterday You Danced With Me 4. Black Flower 5. Two Faeries 6. Bog Dance 7. The Court of Faerie 8. The Forest 9. Summer Night 10. Faeries Stole Bridget 11. Exit Laoris 12. Maple

MP3 : Enter laoris

MP3 : Black flower

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'Elvenmusic 3' is available in a Collector box with a bonus track CD. The trilogy Cds of 'Elvenmusic' is also available in a collector box with a bonus track CD. Click here.


Elvenmusic 3 by Caprice composer, Anton Brejestovski :
"Looking back at Elvenmusic 3, I discover to my surprise, that it is, actually, faerie POP MUSIC! There are so many light songs, really melodic, really energetic. "Fairies Stole Bridget" simply sticks in your head like "King's Daughter" (from Sister Simplicity). It's a hit! "The Court of Faerie" is very, very melodious. "Summer Night" and "Yesterday" are joyful dance music bursting with energy of dance. "Enter Laoris" and "Minstrels of Old" have repetitive patterns which you want to listen to again and again.
"Exit Laoris" is a quintessence of all Elvenmusic - there are direct quotes from Elvenmusic 1, 2 and 3! "Maple" fills me with tears every time I hear it, it is SO SAD, so desperate. And "The Black Flower" is Caprice's biggest hit at all concerts.
I do believe that Caprice music comes as a REALLY CLOSE REFLECTION of actual faerie music. It seems complex because faeries are more musically gifted than people, and what is complex to us is absolutely ok with them :)
I worked hard on the 'Laoris' language, which has been created for this album, putting all my linguistic background into it. It has been very hard work for Inna to sing these lyrics, but she finally made it wonderful and so Elven-sounding.
So, all it all, 'Elvenmusic 3' is the best Caprice album so far and the perfect completion of the TRILOGY. I hope you enjoy listening to it just like we enjoyed recording it." A. B.

Review :
TALES OF THE UNINVITED is the third chapter of their 'Elvenmusic', which is inspired by J.R.R Tolkien poetries. This time eleven our of twelve tracks have the lyrics written in Laoris, the language of the faeries. This language has got its own grammar and visually it's like a drawing of tree branches with leaves. This language has been invented by Caprice and it represent the band's will to "getting deeper and deeper into the world of faerie", as they declared into an interview with French magazines Longueurs d’Ondes. The tracks are capable to create a magic atmosphere that enchant. Musically the band astonish for their skill into the writing of a complex score. Also the beautiful voice of Inna help into the characterization of Caprice music and into the creation of this fable world. The violins, the flutes, the clarinets, the harp and all the intruments that are gently played create an atmosphere that also make me think of the historical period of the Renaissance. Caprice with TALES OF THE UNINVITED confirm their mastery into the creation of faeries music!
Review by: Maurizio Pustianaz Rated: 5/5



Sister simplicity Digipack + bonus video

Genre: Neo classical
May 2004 - 15 titles - Digipack

This is a different Caprice album - instead of the exquisite world of faerie, this time Anton Brejestovski's music speaks through Britain's best poets (Shelley, Byron, Wilde, Shakespeare, Wordsworth)
about human passions - love and beauty, death and hatred. The concept of Simplicity is most breathtakingly revealed, and by so few instrumentalists, all of them Russia's top-notch musicians. And Inna Brejestovskaya's voice is more beautiful and passionate than ever.

Tracks : 1. Winter (Shelley) 2. I Saw You Weep (Byron) 3. A Red, Red Rose (Burns) 4. The Dole of the King's Daughter (Wilde) 5. The Faerie Chime (Maelwys) 6. To My Sister (Wordsworth) 7. Once Kings (Anonymous, 6th century) 8. The Green Bowl (Lowell) 9. Green Are the Rashes (Burns) 10. Juliet's Beauty (Shakespeare) 11. Autumn (Shelley) 12. Twilight (Byron) 13. Nothing Will Die (Tennyson) 14. Summer (Shelley) 15. bonus track The Dole of the King's Daughter (remix)

MP3 : To my sister

MP3 : The dole of the king's daughter

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Elvenmusic2 -
The evening of the Iluvatar's children

Style: Neo-classical heavenly faeric
References:Cheche lune, JRR Tolkien
May 2003 - 16 Titres

Caprice is a russian symphonic orchestra with 11 musicians passionated by the Tolkien's books. This album is a tale full of elves, orcs, dwarfs, ents, hobbits and men.
This album is the second part of the Elvish trilogy. The title of the album was chosen because it illustrates the last days of the Elves, Men, Ents, Hobbits co-existing in Middle Earth, the days described in J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Rhyme of Lore is a short intro, like a distant voice from the past speaking of the ancient knowledge of the Wise. Of Beren and Luthien is a ballad about the love between Beren, a Man, and Luthien Tinuviel, an Elven maid, who chose to become a mortal woman and pass away together with her beloved. O Rowan Fair is Bregalad the Ent's lament about a tree's death. Elves of Rivendell is a merry summer evening song from The Hobbit, an invitation to Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf companions to stay and rest for a while in Rivendell.A real tribute to Tolkien's poetry that will spell you with its charming sounds even if you don't know anything about Tolkien.

Tracks: Rhyme of Lore / Of Beren and Luthien / O Rowan Fair / Bath song / Elves of Rivendell/ shadow bride/ galadriel song / Galadriel message to Aragorn/ Galadriel's message to Legolas/ Athelas/ Elves rolling Barels/ Sam's song/ The tower of Cirith Ungol/ Passion (Sam meets rodo)/ Elves beyond the sea/ The last ship

MP3 : Elves beyond the sea

MP3 : Shadow Bride

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"Even if you are one of the last people on Earth to claim unfamiliarity with the words and worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien, you may be drawn in by the charm of Caprice's second volume of "Elvenmusic." The songs here are all tales and portraits inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" that play like fairytales read aloud, escaping from mundanity and creating a place of fantasy that is both comforting and uncanny. Inna Brejestovskaya's high, bright voice is joined by an orchestra of strings, woodwinds, and brass instruments which invites visions of a magical setting, sparkling leaves and elven maidens in the groves. Even for listeners who do not know the roles of Galadriel,
Aragorn or Legolas, "Galadriel's Song" and her "Messages" come alive with tender feeling. The brimming orchestral music and darker presences ("Shadow Bride," "Athelas") keep Caprice's confection from being oversweet, as fairies themselves are as tricky as they are dainty, and Tolkien's world is populated by creatures from all facets of the psyche." Gothic Beauty USA

"Two years after the first element of Elven Music, the trilogy of the neo-classical/heavenly band from Moscow, the second part is finally
released. Admittedly, the quality and the emotions of the first volume explains our impatience: never was the poetry underlying the work of the Master of Legends rendered so well. For those who are not familiar with the idea lying behind Caprice's work, their aim is to put music on poems and songs from the works of Tolkien (and not to tell the tale of The Lord of the Rings). Once more, Prikoskovenie has done a wonderful job. Even before the precious disc is put under the lens of the laser, the superb digipack, designed by Sabine Adelaïde, catches the eye and takes us to another realm: pure poetry, so different from the traditional iconography usually inspired by the subject. Let us not forget the photographs of Séverine Stiévenart. If, for one part, this second volume quite logically fits into Elven Music, it is for the other part different through a greater variety of themes and moods. This can be explained by the fact that, whereas the first was mostly dedicated to the elves with an atmosphere blending fantasy, richness and sweet sorrow, this opus introduces other characters and themes which enrich the work (from the amusing "Bath Song" to the tragic "Shadow Bride"). The music, which fitted much into "chamber music", has been made denser, integrating more effects, percussions, voices and noises, sometimes going up the road of symphony ("The Tower of Cirith Ungol"). The instrumental technique is, as usual, flawless, whereas the really magical voice of Inna Brejestovskaya still manages to surprise us through its purity and its beauty ("Galadriel's Song", "The Last Ship"). The singing, which was sometimes too dominant in Elven Music, merges now perfectly the instrumental play (the pair harp-voice is particularly successful). The Evening of Iluvatar's Children, in the end, is 52 minutes of joy, beauty and escape: too rare to miss."
PJH (translated by Jean-Luc Delghust(le fantastique.net, Khimaira

Songs of innocence and experience  

Style: Neo-classical heavenly faeric
References:Cheche lune, William Blake, JRR Tolkien

April 2002 - 7 Titles - 35'

Enter into the magic elfish world of Caprice! The marvellous russian orchestra (violin, doublebass, oboe, piano, bassoon) lead by Inna sensitive voice is inspired this time by William Blake's poetry. Caprice describe a beautiful story full of heart and various feelings. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy, the Caprice's heroes are representative of our emotional lifes. A marvellous fairy tale!!!

TITLES:Introduction / The Echoing Green / Laughing song / The Fly / Long John Brown And Little Mary Bell/ The little girl found / Night /

MP3 : The little boy lost

MP3 : The little girl found

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Elvenmusic 1  

References:JRR Tolkien,
June 2001 - 12 Titles - 50'

Heavenly voice from Russia with classical instruments (Harp, violin, bassoon, oboe, cello, flute, clarinet...) are inviting us into fairy worlds. The music is inspired by Tolkien's books. It's talking about princess, dungeons, dragon, dwarves... For all fans of Cherche-Lune, XVII VIE.

Tracks :
The realm of faerie / Princess Mee / Song of the wind / Far over misty
mountains / The last dance / Lullaby / The Mewlips / Of Amroth and Nimrodel
/ The road goes over on and on / Merrymaking of the forest elves / Of
true thomas and Fairy Queen / Farewell

MP3 : Merrymaking of the Forest Elves

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Reviews from Tolkien music.com

'For Tolkien, a defining characteristic of the realm of Faerie is its arresting strangeness, an alterity which for mortals is at once perilous and intensely attractive.
Amid the massive proliferation of Tolkien-inspired music in our time, one can point to many successful attempts to translate the hypnotic magnetism of the secondary world. (Of recent vintage one might cite the work of Arturo Stàlteri, Giuseppe Festa, and The Tolkien Ensemble.) Few, however I would say none have managed to capture _both_ the beauty _and_ the peril of Middle-earth in a single melody. Indeed, for all their variety, musical interpretations of Tolkien‚s legendarium tend rather to blunt strangeness into familiarity (at least for me who must listen to more Tolkien music than most).
It is against this backdrop that I am excited to introduce Caprice, a Russian neo-classical ensemble that is in the process of recording a trilogy of CDs that set Tolkien‚s verse to music (the first two of which are now available; the third is due for release late in 2004). Caprice is the brainchild of keyboardist Anton Brejestovski, who has convened an impressive cadre of professional musicians from the Russian National Symphony, the Bolshoi Theatre and other prestigious quarters to realize his vision of „Elvenmusic.‰ The descriptor is to be taken literally, for Brejestovski‚s goal is to imagine what Tolkien‚s poems might sound like if they were sung by Elves. It is this deliberate attempt to approach these poems from a vantage point _within_ Faerie that imbues the result with its uniquely „perilous‰ quality.

The music of Caprice drifts effortlessly across a landscape of moods expressive of Tolkien‚s own versatility, ranging from the epic tapestry of Amroth and Nimrodel to the light-hearted Bath Song and the stately Athelas epigram. In a spirit of ecumenism, a number of poems from the _Adventures of Tom Bombadil_ have been included, adding dimensions of whimsy (Princess Mee), gothic horror (The Mewlips, Shadow Bride) and unrequited longing (The Last Ship). All of the lyrics are rendered by the ethereal voice of Inna Brejestovskaya, which saturates even the least perilous of the poems with an element of indefinable otherness. The Tolkien Ensemble sounds tame by comparison to the restless spirit that moves Caprice.

No aficionado of Middle-earth should let pass an opportunity to hear this strikingly different interpretation of Tolkien‚s poesy.'
Chris Seeman http://www.tolkien-music.com/

"The Russian Caprice has just released their 1st full length album on Prikosnovénie. That's already a reference! The least I can say is that it's a surprising and great voyage into folk-territories built up with a bunch of acoustic instruments. It creates a certain neo-classical and sometimes barroque feelings. At the same time it's an artisitc production. The title reveals a part of their inspiration, which concerns a fairy world. A female vocalist with a rather a-typical voice sings it. Caprice stands for reverie, based on the poems of J.R.R. Tolkien. Instruments like clarinet, bassoon, cello etc. surprise me because of thier particular intonation. It sounds refreshing and rather happy while the last track "Farewell" contains a certain melancholic feeling.... probably because of the last song! If you would like to join the magical unvierse of th "Elf", you have to put your finger on this magisterial and authentic production. "



Kywitt ! Kywitt ! 2008
Elvenmusic 3 - 2005
Sister simplicity - 2004
Elvenmusic 2 - 2003
Songs of innocence- 2002
Elenmusic 1 - 2001

Anton Brejestovski's Influences :

"Looking back, I can see that my artistic tastes have been changing all the
time. Very few things - probably only the Beatles - have remained my steady
favourites since my earliest teen years until now.
My first childhood idol was Jean Michel Jarre, who I fell in love with at
the age of 12 and treasured all his records. AC/DC and (early) Metallica, my
next loves, still fill me with their crude energy every time I listen to
As a teenager, I adored Yes and Pink Floyd. I still very much enjoy
listening to Yes (especially Tormato, Relayer and Going for the One), but
Pink Floyd, apart from their early albums, before The Dark Side of the Moon,
does not touch me any more. King Crimson (only their 1980-s albums),
Genesis, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode were also my favourites at the time.
After this, a big "classical" period began. After the linguistic university,
I went to a music college, and began to absorb classical music massively. I
began with Schnittke and Prokofiev, moving on to Shostakovich, Mozart, Bach,
Beethoven, Mussorgsky, Schubert, Brahms, Stravinsky, pausing briefly at
Denisov, Webern, Brahms, Schumann, Ravel, Scriabin, and dozens of others.
Piotr Tchaikovsky must be mentioned specially; I can't say I love everything
he wrote, but the selected few works I adore.
Henry Purcell stands out as something salient for me, too. His melodies and
instrumentation were probably among my strongest classical influences, along
with Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky.
Ironically, the understanding of simple, positive music came very late: only
around 2003 I took to ABBA, and later to ethnic music, especially Buena
Vista Social Club, Salif Keita and Cesaria Evora, and also some eccentric
characters, such as Sparks (geniuses!) or Max Raabe. The understanding of
Russian pop music of the 70s - a truly great period - came also quite late."


" Elvenmusic " is your first album, could you introduce your world to us ?

This album is an attempt to show what the music written by Elves, not humans sounds like. The parallel world of faerie, so intensely felt in many western cultures, is often viewed as a place where music and dancing are of a great importance. The music of this world has been described in quite a few literary sources, and we tried to show what it may sound like. I personally think "The Last Dance", "Merrymaking of the Forest Elves" and "Farewell" are the closest to the real faerie music. However, not all songs on the album are "pure music of the elves". Some tracks, like "Mewlips" or "The Road Goes Ever On and On" are only music illustrations to JRR Tolkien's poems.

The number of musicians in your band is very impressive! where do they come from ? Do they have any former or side projects ?

I would say that Caprice is their side project :-) They are all serious academic musicians playing in orchestras and music theatres - Russian National Symphony, Bolshoi Theatre, Alexandrov Folk Ensemble etc. Some of them also perform in chamber ensembles. Caprice is their only non-academic project, and they seem to like it - all in all, they are all young people, and they enjoy informal and youthful atmosphere at our concerts, much more relaxed compared to their academic music performances.

What is the place given to the "Fairie world" in the Russian culture ?

Russian folklore has tales about supernatural forest creatures, like wood-goblins or water-nymphs, but no elves are ever mentioned. The western European lore, on the contrary, tells us a lot (and I personally think it is the most fascinating part of it) of enchanting, beautiful, ever-young creatures, who fill us with inexplicable delight and yearning when we feel their presence.

Is your country an inspiration to your music ?

No, not as far as Elvenmusic is concerned. Many people ask why being Russian I write music which has no Russian roots in it. But my other music - unrelated to elves and faeries - is maybe more "Russian"... However, Russian music tradition is very important to me. I often think and read about Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Stravinsky and other great Russian composers, and their music and their personalities really inspire me.

The lyrics of the first track "The Realm of Faerie" are not in the booklet, why ? which language is it ?

These words are, as far as I know, in one of the Elvish languages. They were recorded by Ostlupusmmeon (not in the studio) and then sampled and mixed with the music. We didn't put them into the booklet because we don't know how to spell them, we never saw them written!

Your lyrics are based on JRR Tolkien's work. Is your album simply inspired from the masterpiece "The Lord of The Rings" ? or do you consider it a real musical illustration of this book ?

Both. We were definitely inspired by Tolkien's book, but not all of the music is the actual 'illustration' to the novel, more than half of the album being faerie music. However, our second (not yet recorded) elven-album is almost entirely dedicated to The Lord of the Rings, not to its elves only, but to all the races mentioned by Tolkien (men, ents, dwarves, hobbits). Some music from the second album will be the musical illustration of the novel's episodes.

Your music can be deeply melancholic as well as full of happiness, is it your way of seeing Tolkien's world ?

All of my music is like this, not only Elvenmusic. I can't compose it any other way... I think it's melancholic, and sometimes even scaring and fearful because there is so much unhappiness, bitterness and imperfection on Earth... On the other hand, a lot of people crave for more beautiful and happier worlds, and the happiness in my music is the happiness of anticipation of a better world to be found...

Who is the mysterious Ostlupsmmeon who lends her voice on some of your tracks ?

We have an agreement with him - he inspired us and we managed to record some of his voice, which we hope adds to the album's merits. But in return we promised not to talk much about him. We can reveal that he is not a human creature, and yet has a human form. We can also say, that his name (with the stress on the "e") appeared in the 14th century (or earlier), and has been borne not only by him.

In the "Thanks" of your album, you mention the Russian Gothic Project, what is it exactly ? can you tell us more about this project.

It is a very big internet resource carefully maintained and developed by a team of enthusiasts promoting gothic subculture in Russia. It has tons of information about gothic music, literature, films etc. This project also released three CDs, a big compilation of Russian gothic music, and mini-CDs of two Russian gothic bands, Lunophobia and Dvar. RGP also regularly organizes various concerts of gothic music, goth-parties, as well as participates in various international gothic events. All its members, whom I know personally, are remarkable and unusual people. As far as the "thank you" on our album, it was RGP who issued our track Princess Mee on their compilation Edge of the Night. They also promoted it, which resulted in our contract with Prikosnovenie.

How did you meet Frederic & Sabine of Prikosnovenie ?

They contacted us in April 2000 after hearing our song on the Russian Gothic Compilation, but we actually met them only in May 2001, when we visited Clisson, a small medieval town where they live and work.

This album is a part I, how many parts do you plan to ? Will the concept be the same ?

The second part, as already mentioned, is dedicated to The Lord of the Rings. Most likely, its name won't be Elvenmusic 2 - we are thinking of another name, from which the nature of the album will be clearer. Songs of Middle Earth seems a good title, but as far as we know at least one album with this name already exists. There is also a third album, its music being composed at the moment. It is entirely dedicated to the parallel world of forest faeries (i.e. music like "Last Dance"). Thanks to Ostlupusmmeon, all lyrics will be only in Elvish, not in English.