Berceuses des Fées et petites sorcières

Lullabies of Fairies and little Witches

berceuses des fees
berceuses de broceliande

Volume 3

Daemonia Nymphe




Sarah Shayna






Berceuses des Fées et petites Sorcières

36 pages Book + CD - CD 14 tracks + 14 illustrations + 14 tales


Recipe of our new potion of dreams :


1 dose of magic and witchcraft :

It is well known, Dusk is the favorite time of Fairies and Witches.
The book shows how it is possible to face our fears and transcend them.

In a way it shows how to accept our dark ‘Witch’ side to become a Fairy.


1 pinch of the Four elements:

The enchanting tales written by Régis Aubert evoke the WATER with its coat of rain, the world of TREES, AIR and the daughter of the winds, FIRE with its dresses woven of sun ...


5 tablespoons of Fantasy:

The illustrator Sabine Adelaide was inspired by her encounter with the little 'inner witch'. She crossed dragons, serpents, but do you know the sun-fish, cats living in the belly of the witches, or Sirellas, oursippocampes ?

14 drops of sweet music:

The music creates an atmosphere full of magical sounds, harp, hang, sansulas, violins, chimes ...
CD 14 tracks 50 min. including 10 unreleased tracks of Daemonia Nymphe, Pinknruby, Mediavolo...


Flip the book's pages :

livre-cd berceuses de brocéliande


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The Book :

CD audio 14 tracks

Book 36 pages - 24x17 cm
14 tales
Release : Oct.2011
Editions Prikosnovénie - Prik151
Illustrations : Sabine Adélaide
Compiler/ Mastering: Fééric Farandilc
Texts : Régis Aubert


14 tracks - 52 min with :

01 - MEDIAVOLO Hypatia
02 - ALMAVEDA Milaf
03 - BOANN Tamlin
04 - LES MARIE-MORGANE A ched an noz
05 - LILY STORM O bee dty host, lhiannoo
06 - SARAH SHAYNA Lullabies
07 - HEXPEROS Elettra’s lullaby
08 - ARFANG Arfang de la lune
09 - E.D.O. (ASHRAM) Sleep against the world
10 - ONDE Le songe de Kylann
11 - H.PETERSTORFER & RIJA Cradle Song
14 - EYBEC Aire