"Beautiful , graceful & cold trip-hop rock..."
Sibylline - 2006

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Prik097 - Digipack + Video_ clip _ Lyrics
Design album : Ewarii
Ref : Sneaker pimps, archive, crustation...
Genre : Electro-rock, trip-hop....
12 Titres - 45' + video bonus

On This evening of dark night, a sensual voice condides in us, sweet, mad, sublime
An eighties keyboard smoothly breathes a crystalline atmosphere; intimate (yet) sometimes worrying. A low bass such as in Massive Attack is humming, starting a subtle Trip-Hop beat. Then, a heavy and powerful guitar develops.
The emotional journey of Misstrip begins here Between sensuality, power and feeling. A love at first sight discovery!

By the way :
"What is most striking while listening to the disc, is definitely the voice. It is Powerful and soft at the same time, full of emotion, it will fascinate the listener by allowing him to penetrate in a world merging attraction and mistrust. then comes the melodic writing. Of a frightening effectiveness, the titles of Misstrip seem familiar at the second listening. Finally, the arrangements of the tracks take us to an electro rock universe somewhere between Archive and Goldfrap. The musical relief which is the most important alternates air moments with rough tensions. The music of Misstrip is an emergency, a cry for life, between ecstasy and despair. Incarnation of a brutal and underground society, including every shades of gray
".Samuel d'elips

12 TRACKS: A ticket to death - Marvellous pills -Mothers of pearl - Lilly white - Acalmy - Inside and beyond - Exhibition room - Sibylline - Brainwashing - Unemotional - Echoes - Insanity.

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Marvelous Pills

MP3 : Brainwashing

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Interview, live and clip Misstrip made by Janfi from Noisepod.net

2006 : Sibylline (prikosnovenie)
2004 : Autoprod 4 titres