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7 years after "Seraphim", Irfan is coming back with even more beautiful and profound album : Eternal Return. the new album is recorded with Denitza Seraphimova, Irfan's original female singer. It's a pleasure to hear again this outstanding divine voice.
This new masterpiece includes 10 new tracks.
Besides, Irfan will be on tour in 2015 for sharing his new album with the

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On tour in 2015 - Contact

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7 years after "Seraphim", Irfan is coming back with even more beautiful and profound album : Eternal Return. the new album is recorded with Denitza Seraphimova, Irfan's original female singer. It's a pleasure to hear again this outstanding divine voice.
This new masterpiece includes 10 new tracks.
Besides, Irfan will be on tour in 2015 for sharing his new album with the

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References: Dead can Dance, Azam Ali, Le mystères des voix bulgares...
October 2007 - 9 Titles (digipack)

The most authentic album of the Bulgarian band. 5 years after their first album, discover a powerful mystic sound from Bulgaria. The exceptional voice of Denitza Seraphimova is amazing, reminding Lisa Gerrard or Azam Ali's oriental songs. Between Bulgarian ancient folklore, oriental mystic sing, Balkan choirs and sacred music, Irfan astonishes with brilliant and melodic compositions. A new great band borns!

9 Tracks: 1.Simurgh - 2.Invocatio - 3.Hagia Sophia - 4.Vernal Garden - 5. Fei - 6.Los Ojos de la Mora - 7. Star of the winds - 8.Invocatio II - 9. Return to Outremer

MP3 : Hagia Sophia

MP3 :Vernal Garden

MP3 :Simurgh

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'Irfan' First Album

References: Dead can Dance, Arcana, Le mystères des voix bulgares...
December 2003 - 9 Titles (digipack)
IRFAN has been discovered and acclaimed on Fairy World vol 1. This bulgarian band is our great revelation for 2003. The music blends balkanic intruments, percussions, strong male voices/chorus and a wonderful female voice. The music is reminiscent of DEAD CAN DANCE/LISA GERRARD, SARBAND, SOEUR MARIE KEIROUZ, LE MYSTERE DES VOIX BULGARES. 9 tracks for a masterpiece.

MP3 : Salome

MP3 :Godspodi pomilui

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"During the autumn 2001, Ivailo, Kalin and Kiril met together around a same idea, a musical and video project. In 2002, the female singer Denitza joined the band, and that was the begining of the 'Irfan' band (in Arabic "gnosis""mystical knowledge". Our interest for arts, philosophy, theology, history and ethnology binds us in Irfan music. Our music became a message, a trip through and out of time, out of words and letters that one could uncerstand with his heart."

Irfan - musicians:
Denitza Seraphimova (2002-2006) - vocals
Vladislava Todorova (2006-present) - vocals
Kalin Yordanov - vocals, daf, bendir, darbouka
Ivaylo Petrov - oud, saz, tambura, guitar, programming
Kiril Bakardjiev - programming, keyboard, santour
Peter Todorov - darbouka, zarb, riq, djembe, tabla

  About IRFAN:

Irfan is a Bulgarian Ethereal wave, World and Medieval music band that was founded in 2001. The band's name is borrowed from the Sufi terminology and can be translated from Persian and Arabic as “gnosis”, “mystic knowledge” or “revelation”. Irfan’s music is an invitation for a mystical trip in and beyond time, a message, poetically extended in the language of the heart.
World reviews are hesitant about the genre categorization of Irfan’s music, determining it as Neoclassical / World Music / Sacred Music / Ethereal Music / Heavenly voices. Irfan’s music is strongly influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of Bulgaria, the Balkans, Persia, Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium and Medieval Europe, yet it retains its own original sound. The musicians use traditional (Bulgarian, Balkan, Oriental, Persian, Indian) and medieval European instruments and vocal techniques from the same regions and historical periods, skilfully woven into a delicate electronic sound. Irfan is also known for its extensive use of a choir of strong male vocals in addition to the ethereal and mystic female vocals of the talented singer Denitza Seraphimova in combination with an assortment of traditional and medieval string, wind and percussive instruments including the oud, saz, santoor, viola da gamba, tambura, duduk, darbouka, daf, bendir, zarb and riq.
Irfan was founded as a side project of musicians from Bulgarian bands like “Isihia”, “Om” and “Zarathustra”, but soon it became a new, independent and promising music team. The band was first signed by the French label “Prikosnovénie” and made its debut appearance on “Prikosnovénie”'s Fairy World compilation of various medieval and heavenly voices bands in 2003. “Prikosnovénie” declared the Bulgarians as the “discovery and revelation for 2004”. Ifran's debute (self-titled) album was also released in Europe that same year by "Prikosnovénie", and released in North America by “Noir Records” in 2005. Several recently released compilations include new and unreleased songs by Irfan, which appeared along with tracks by artists like Loreena Mckennitt, Stellamara, Qntal and Estampie.
Recently the band finished its second album ("Seraphim") for the French label “Prikosnovenie” that is going to be released simultaneously in Europe and in North America (through the US label “Noir Records”) in October 2007. In the summer of 2006 the singer Denitza Seraphimova gave birth to her child and is currently devoted to motherhood. Since then Irfan is working with a new vocalist - the Bulgarian traditional (folklore) singer Vladislava Todorova (http://myspace.com/vladislavavlada) with whom the band performed in its recent concerts. In 2003-2006 Irfan toured and performed live in Switzerland, France and Bulgaria.

INTERVIEW: (by Giancarlo Bolther - rock impressions.com:

Would you like to introduce us the band with your history?
In the very beginning Irfan was planed to be a side project of Ivaylo Petrov(solo artist at that moment), Kiril Bakardjiev(from the band “Zaratustra” at that moment) and Kalin Yordanov (from the band “Isihia” at that moment).It was ment to be an experimental audio and video project, but when we met with Denitza Seraphimova ( from the band “Om” at that time) and started to record the song “Monsalvato” with her in February 2002, the real Irfan band was to be born. Soon each one of us left his previous projects and bands and we began to create our music in this very new project.

Can you tell us about the songs of the new album?

Our second album will be quite different. A lot of oriental moods and flavours from one side, and lot’s of medieval sensibility on the other, but in a new and quite different way.

How do you manage the compositive process?

The four of us are equally involved in it.

What kind of music you are shooting for?

We collect and listen to a lot of world music, early music, jazz, industrial, new and dark wave, ambient and electronic music and even hardcore.

In the album there are a lot of folk/traditional influences, can you tell us more about your interest in folk music?
We’re quite connected to the Bulgarian folklore traditions, but also have a deep interest to those of the Balkans, Asia Minor, Caucasus , Near East, Central Asia , North Africa , Northern Europe, Central and North America. We believe that those disappearing traditional cultures are the last surviving elements the spirit of the old sensibility and view of life, of the old, archaic models of thinking, ethics and behaviour. That is why we’re so much interested in exploring it.

Listening to your music I've found also a lot of spirituality and I believe that this is an important key to understand your musical project,can you tell me more about?
We believe that the composing and performing music is a spiritual act. In the medieval art of the eastern Christianity, every act of the artist was thought to be a spiritual action in which the artist/composer was just a vehicle and a mediator of the supernatural message. That is why most of the authors were anonymous.

How important is for you the spiritual aspect of life? Would you like to tell us more about your beliefs?

For us, life without it’s spiritual aspect is quite senseless. It’s like an empty form without a content…

Do you have a philosophy?

Your vision of the world is...…that it is an interesting place to live in…

What kind of response are you experiencing from the audience to your music?
We hope that the wordless message of our music will reach the hearts of the people that are going to listen to our album.

How have you get in touch with the label Prikosnovenie?
We like the style and the line of this label, that is why we’ve sent them a demo with our first songs. They liked it and invited us to participate in their label compilation “Fairy world Vol. I “. And after that came the contract.

Which artists have inspired you most?
There are lot’s of different artists from the Antiquity to the present days that have inspired us. But you probably are asking about the music composers and performers Here’s just some of them(past and contemporary): Ioan Kukuzel, Hildegard von Bingen, Kassia , Jaufre Rudel de Blaye, Walther von der Vogelweide, Alfonso X El Sabio, Luis del Mila, Alonso Mudarra , John Dawland etc.; Luis Delgado, Soeur Marie Keyrouz, Jordi Savall, Jan Garbarek, Mari Boine, Brendan Pery and Lisa Gerrard, Susan Deyhim, Anouar Brahem, Hector Zazou , Vas, Denez Prigent, Madredeus, Massive Attack, Depeche mode , Ministry, Faith no more, Coil , Swans , Bill Laswell etc.

What is the music scene like in your country today?

The Bulgarian music scene is a pure reflection of a post-communist Balkan society in a hard period of passage and transition…

What we can expect from Irfan for the future?
A second album from the label Prikosnovenie, and let’s hope a little European tour.