[ prik107 ] :: ANTRABATA : Elephant Reveries
Digipack, April 2007
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  • Please Repeat After Me
  • Bar Song
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Painful Bliss
  • Genre: Portishead, Radiohead, Björk, Tom Waits etc....
    Style : Electro, trip-hop

    This Parisian trio invites you in a sweet, melancholic and exotic trip. Music looks like trip-hop of Portishead, Boards of Canada, with a deep bass, lunar flute, cello, folk or electric guitars and down-tempo beats. Sitars bring coloured enchanting atmospheres... The band's musicians share a passion for London trip-hop culture and dreamy oriental vibes of India like Rajna. Antrabata's music spreads in the air benevolent and harmonious melodies. The voice of the Dutch/French singer Femke shapes melancholic images and hidden memories' photos. Enigmatic and mysterious, this first album spreads good vibes with slight nostalgic touch. A fantastic new talent to follow!

    12 tracks :
    Please repeat after me - You and me - Pinpoint - White elephant - Miss encyclopedia - Bar song - Venice - Painful bliss - Antrabata - Kaleidoscope - Summer optimism - Mirror song (voor Tom)