[ prik106 ] :: DAEMONIA NYMPHE : Krataia Asterope
Digipack, April 2007
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  • Esodos
  • Nocturnal Hekate
  • Dios Astrapaiou
  • Genre: Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance, Enya, Elend
    Style : Ancient greek music

    Daemonia Nymphe tries to recreate the sound of Greek Antiquity. Musicians use incredible instruments like lyra, varvitos, krotala, pandoura, double flute... made by the legendary Greek instrument maker Nicholas Brass. These ancient songs are sung by balkan choirs and bewitching female voices. Their music is a kind of World music mixing Folk, traditional music and Rock. The powerful male choirs could illustrate Mythological Epic battles fromŒIliad and Odyssey' and the heavenly female voices (reminding Enya) the 'Sirens' voices of Ulysse. The band invites Psarantonis (Antonis Xylouris) a legend for Cretan music to sing on this new album. This new album 'Krataia Asterope' could be the original soundtrack of a Fantastic Greek Peplum.

    11 tracks :
    1 : Esodos, 2 : Krataia Asterope, 3: Daemonos, 4: Nocturnal Hekate, 5: Mouson, 6: Dios Astrapaiou, 7: Divine Goddess of Fertility, 8: Sirens of Ulysses, 9: To Goddess Mnemosyne, 10: Hymenaios, 11: Ecstatic Orchesis