[ prik105 ] :: COLLECTION D'ARNELL ANDREA : Exposition, eaux fortes et méandres
Digipack, January 2007
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  • Genre: NIN, Faith & the Muse, Sister of Mercy etc....
    Style : Cold wave / Ethereal voice
    The French coldwave band comes back with a new album in the mood of Faith and the Muse, NIN,... This electric album also mix acoustic instruments as cello and alto. The 11 tracks are louder with a more powerful electro. Difficult to describe it, tribal indus, electro darkwave, neo-classic rock, coldwave, heavenly, gothic... anyway beautiful melodies, sensitivity and romanticism confirm the French touch. The voice of Chloe is more fragile, ethereal and also electronics with more powerful beats and synthetic bass. The concept is to translate with Lyrics and music 11 paintings from the 19th century. Paintings with pale tones, grey skies and humans alone in Nature. Experiment the most beautiful paintings of their "Exposition".

    11 tracks / 11 paintings :
    1. Les sombres plis de l’âme - 2 The monk on the shore -Les herbes mortes - 4 Les méandres - 5 The long Shadow - 6 I can’t see your face 7 Les catacombes 8 Into flowers 9 Crowns of golden corn - 10 L’eau des mauves - 11 The island of the dead.